Any SUNY Potsdam or Clarkson University female student is eligible to rush upon signing up at the Barrington Student Union at Potsdam State. In order to pledge you must have a cumulative GPA of 2.0, follow all rush procedures (explained below), and have a second semester freshman status or higher.

What is rushing?

Rushing is defined as attending events at the sorority and getting to know the sisters of the house. Formal rush is a period of time set by Potsdam State when you can visit all of the sororities to get to know the sisters of the houses, take house tours, and get a feel for Greek Life. It gives you the opportunity to decide which house would be the best fit for you. After formal rush, each house decides who will receive bids and pledging begins.

Rush Procedures:

  • To be eligible to receive a bid from a house, you must follow the rules of Formal Rush. When you sign up at the Barrington Student Union at Potsdam State you will be given a rush schedule, contact information for every sorority, and information on the requirements of formal rush.
  • Each sorority has an Open House that you are required to attend. The Open Houses last for an hour and are an opportunity to get to know the sisters of each house so that you are aware of all your options.
  • Next, each sorority will host its own Interest Party. You are only required to attend the Interest Parties of the houses that you are interested in getting a bid from. This is another opportunity to help you get to know the sisters and vice versa. Remember to show your true colors and make sure all of the sisters know you!
  • The next event in Formal Rush is called Final Tea. In order to attend a house's Final Tea, you must have attended that sorority's Interest Party and have received an invitation for Final Tea from that sorority. This is a formal event and a more intimate opportunity to bond with the sisters. It is the last event before the sisters make their decisions on which rush will receive bids.
  • After Final Tea is a time called "silence period". It lasts from the end of Final Tea until the end of preferencing and is an opportunity for you to be alone with your thoughts and not be influenced by any houses. Preferencing involves going to the Barrington Student Union and ranking up to three houses that you are interested in pledging. This is a very important step during Formal Rush. If you do not complete this step, you will not be eligible to pledge. Be careful in deciding your preferences. If your number one choice decides not to give you a bid, you will be required to pledge your number two choice. However, if your number two choice does not give you a bid and your third choice does, you will be required to pledge your third choice house.  Keep in mind that you are only required to preference one house!

What is a Bid?

  • A bid is an invitation to pledge a house. It is the greatest honor that a house can bestow upon you because the sisters are asking you to share in their bond of sisterhood. Bid night is the official beginning of pledging. If you do not receive a bid from a house, it may be a good idea to talk to a few of the sisters to find out why. It may be because some of the sisters feel as though they need to get to know you better before asking you to join.

What is the Purpose of Pledging?

  • Pledging is a time when you prove your desire to become a sister of the house you are pledging. You are pledging your loyalty, devotion, friendship, and love to the sisters of the house. It is a necessary step in becoming a member as it teaches you what will be expected of you in order to be a good member once you are in.

How to Make the Big Decision?

  • Becoming a member of the Greek Community is a HUGE decision, and we want you to be well informed when you make it. Consider the following things when you are rushing and make a decision based on where you will fit in best.

How well do you get along with the sisters? Which house do you fit in with best? Have you hung out with the sisters on a sober level? What exactly do you like about the sisters? Does your personality match that of the sisters in the house? Are you ready to make a commitment? Have you talked to the other students that are thinking of pledging the same house? How can this house benefit you? How can you benefit the house?

More Questions?

  • If you have any further questions about rush, bids, eligibility, pledging, or anything at all, please don't hesitate to ask. Make sure you let the sisters of Omega know that you are interested in meeting us and remember that the only way to be sure that Omega is the house for you is to really get to know us!